Tart Cherry Extract

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Tart Cherry Extract Pain!

I have suffered from arthritic knee pain for years that originated from and athletic injury.  In my case, a windsurfing accident hyper-extending both of my legs.  Having undergone physio-therapy and several doctor consultations, my pain and discomfort continued.  I have been told by orthopedic surgeons that my next step and only option was to have knee replacement surgery.  Then I learned about tart cherry extract.

Tart Cherry Extract Pain Plus…

I was a Physical Education teacher, and had been teaching for approximately 9 years at the time of my accident.  I found myself in a wheel chair for approximately two months and  underwent several months of therapy to try to regain my former healthy way of living and commitment to fitness.  The physio-therapy did not turn out to be a long term solution.  I had to leave my role as a Phys. Ed. teacher in the gym and found myself accepting roles that were not my passion.

Tart Cherry Extract Finding The Answer

I have NOT had knee surgery and would like to avoid “going under the knife” for as long as I possibly can.  I do NOT take medication but have tried many in the past including a variety of pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills.  It was suggested that I started to look at more natural and organic remedies.  Being well aware of what I put in my body, wanting to avoid chemicals and drugs wherever possible, my research has lead me in the direction of tart cherries and sour cherry juice.

Tart Cherry Extract Why I Am Excited!

Natural and organic remedies often taste bad.  Tart cherry extract does not taste bad at all.  Quite the opposite.  It tastes very good! I have used the tart cherry extract powder in morning shakes, on it’s own in a glass of water, added it to a small glass of orange juice, and even periodically cooked with it to incorporate tart cherries into my diet. I can not believe how easy this is! Oh ya, it works!

Tart Cherry Extract My Results

Tart cherry extract has become part of my daily routine for the last 10 months.  The results are overwhelming.  I have been able to move without pain, begin to get back on the tennis courts, back on the ski hills, back on the hockey rink, and generally enjoy living pain free.  My results and benefits have all been without the use of harsh drugs, chemicals and surgery.  Natural products work! Organic tart cherry extract was the answer for me.

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